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Welcome to INSOMNIAC PRODUCTIONS, providing HIGH QUALITY custom graphics that will be tailored specifically per your needs. UNIQUE designs for a unique individual. I also offer AFFORDABLE WordPress themes for your website. Since I started designing in 2007, I have worked on a WIDE variety of websites, from fansites, official pages, professional (non fansite) related sites and more! I understand that my types of designs are not for everyone. So, please have a look around the site to see what I have to offer, and take the time to browse my portfolio to see the range in my designs. They might be for you (^_^) Follow me on TWITTER to receieve the latest updates and see my most recent designs and latest works online.
As a designer, I have been serving the online community since I graduated from high school in 2007. Before I graduated, I spent a lot of time teaching myself HTML and CSS, which I would utilize practicing when it came to running and designing my own websites, all of which were created through free Geocities accounts. When I purchased my first domain name and hosting package through Dreamhost, that is when I became interested in designing Wordpress themes, as well as teaching myself PHP and Javascript. I also upgraded my graphic design software and switched from using Paintshop Pro and started using Adobe Photoshop. All of my design experience has been completely self-taught, but don't let that deter you. Sometimes, the best designers out there are the ones who are self-taught ;) In regards to whether or not I am currently accepting custom orders at the moment, you can check out if our orders are open by CLICKING HERE, but the truth is the amount of time varies when I am accepting. My time is very limited and thus most time dedicated to designing is applied to many of my own personal designs. I do however offer a few things in light of the high demand for custom themes, which you can check out below in our Package List.
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